Personal Income Tax Returns

Trust the experts when it comes to filing your own personal income taxes and get the maximum refund you deserve.

Many of the individual tax returns that we prepare for our clients are related to their business tax returns. Various items on the business returns transfer over to the individual’s tax returns, and we manage the overall individual and business tax reporting process for them.

Our individual clients who do not have a business are very important to us. We help them with getting their information together and organizing it so that an accurate return can be filed for them while taking advantage of all tax benefits that are due them.

At Yarborough and Potter, we recognize the interconnectedness between individual and business tax returns. For clients who operate both personal and business endeavors, we seamlessly integrate relevant information from their business returns into their individual tax filings, ensuring consistency and accuracy across both domains. Even for individuals without a business, our commitment remains unwavering. We diligently assist them in gathering and structuring their financial data to optimize their tax returns, ensuring they receive all entitled tax benefits while maintaining compliance with regulations.


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